Some thoughts

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Some thoughts

Post by _MttC on Mon Sep 21, 2015 10:47 pm

Hey guys,

I wanted to say a few words because I still want to do this project bounce.

I wanted to do a simple demo scene this summer but I didn't found the time (holidays are hard). And I'm still quite busy right now. Things should get better in october Smile .
Anyway, I wanted to talk with you about the scene I wanted to make, I have nothing to show you. But I hope it will restart the talks in the forum.

As we talked before, I wanted to make a scene where we could switch between first person view, where you interact with the environment to solve levels, and third person view where you shoots enemies.

I wanted to find a good way to mix the two modes and I came up with this idea. When you 'kill' the enemies, the enemies become the piece of the puzzle you have to solve. Some examples: when you kill a electric monster, it could become a battery, if you kill a big monster, it can become a weight, if you kill a glowing things, it can become a laser... There a lot of possibilities and we have to find inspirations in other games like portal...

Then I though about some context in which this game could work. Maybe something like a indoor monster zoo could work (is that a thing?). The player can look at the monsters through the cage/window first (and think about the level) then he would push a button to release the monster, it will leave the cage and you'll have to kill it (or get it to sleep, I don't know... Killing monster is bad).
The good thing with that is that we don't really need a story. Just put the player in the zoo and let the atmosphere do the job.

What do you think? Maybe we can do a really simple level, with one or two type of ennemies, no meshes, no animations.


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Re: Some thoughts

Post by aberrantwolf on Thu Oct 01, 2015 9:43 am

I think this sounds really interesting. I like the dual-play-modes idea, and having them complement each other seems cool. I can just imagine if a game like this got finished, players doing speed runs where they don't kill all the monsters or something.

As for whether or not you can have an indoor monster zoo, if you can have sentient camera orbs and limitless testing rooms, you can probably have an indoor monster zoo. Smile


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